About Us



The group was founded in 1958 by an astute entrepreneur and philanthropist, the late Mr. K.K Madhavan, who was originally from Thrissur, the Cultural Capital of Kerala State in India.

It was under his leadership that the parent company M/s. K K Madhavan and Co. (Pvt) Ltd. was established and was involved in an array of business activities including plantation, construction, real estate, property development, toddy production and sales, arrack taverns, hotels & restaurants, shipping and education.

Noteworthy ventures included Hotel Metropole, Ambassador Bottled Toddy, a pioneering venture, and the company contributed the land for Pegasus reef Hotel, the first 5 Star Hotel in Sri Lanka as well the construction of the Sugathadasa Stadium in Colombo.

Mr. Devendra Madhavan, Chairman/ Managing Director took over the reigns of the group in 1974 after the demise of his father, the Late Mr. K K Madhavan. He is ably assisted by the Dy. Chairman – International Business, Mr. Mahendra Madhavan and the Group CEO, Mr. Surendra Madhavan who are supporting in carrying forward the “K K Madhavan” legacy.

Today the group is involved in various business activities including Real Estate, Property Development, Hospitality, Tourism, Distillery, Business Promotions, Trading, Training and Education.

Our Vision

Harnessing resources to achieve benefits to society by identifying prospective business opportunities and mapping assets, processes and personnel to productively engage in securing positive and progressive results. Thus ensuring social benefits through creating employment opportunities with corporate social responsibility.

The various companies in the group work in diverse business domains to achieve this vision.